Hello, I’m still alive!

Given that there are more than a hundred million blogs out there, it would be rational and modest of me to assume that nobody is ever going to read this one. OTOH I’ve had quite a few emails since I temporarily shut down my Cyberlife Research website, from people asking me what the heck is going on. And before that I had even more emails telling me to get up off my skinny ass and update my blog more often. So maybe somebody will eventually read this message in a bottle. Maybe pigs will fly and the world will be filled with everlasting peace, too.

My site has been down because I (and the people who are dearest to me) have been going through something of a personal upheaval, none of which is your business. As part of all that I now live in the United States instead of England, and so I needed to reorganize my web presence (as well as having to learn to write “reorganize” instead of “reorganise”).

I currently have two AI-related projects on the go: a game called Sim-biosis, to be published by Cyberlife Research, and a humanoid robot called Grace, as part of a new venture called Grandroids. So what Sara, my web programmer wife, is going to be doing over the coming few weeks is reinstate the website at www.cyberlife-research.com as a place in which to keep my archive of old Creatures and Lucy material and set up a new website at www.sim-biosis.com to promote and document my upcoming game. Sara’s also working on www.grandroids.com for our robotics project.

But that left me in a quandary about where to put my personal pages and non-project-related jottings. So I decided to get all “Web 2.0” about it, join the modern age at long last and start a personal site/blog here at WordPress. The other websites will have “official” project blogs for the game and robot, but I’ll be putting the more personal items about those things here, plus random blogging and all the vanity stuff about what a wonderful person I am.

I hope you’ll drop by now and then, but in the meantime watch out for those low-flying pigs.


About stevegrand
I'm an independent AI and artificial life researcher, interested in oodles and oodles of things but especially the brain. And chocolate. I like chocolate too.

12 Responses to Hello, I’m still alive!

  1. Herni says:

    Oh god. At last.
    Well, Steve, hope you get some nice results with your projects, and please, PLEASE, don’t forget to post often.


  2. stevegrand says:

    Why thanks, Herni! I didn’t think anyone had even found this yet. I PROMISE to keep updating this time!

  3. John the Baptist says:

    Hey Steve

    Up with the pigs!

    OK, so now we are all watching and waiting…
    Go for it man.

    May you stumble apon something startling!



  4. Stephen Keable says:

    Hello Steve,

    Life’s only constant that you can truly rely on is that there will always be change, but which direction it goes in is anyones guess?

    Nice to here that you have got your own life sorted out now, as I have always been inspired by your work, which probably the same as many others, has fuelled my own research, creations and ideas in synthetic life, as you are truly a pioneer, but sadly they always end up with the arrows in their back.

    Anyway, life is short, so keep going and be inspired, be very inspired, as you have managed to achieve for so many others…

    May the force be with you and I am sure that even more greatness awaits you…

    Stephen Keable

  5. Chris Chappell says:

    Hi Steve. Yes it’s about time you updated things! Thanks to finishing uni and the current state of the economy I’ve had a lot of time on my hands recently and I’ve gotten back interested in the robots/AI stuff, and been reading your book again. Checked your website a few days ago, but nothing was there :-(. Was afraid that things had finally put an end to your work…

    Anyway it’s awesome to see you’re still alive and kicking! Tbh been looking at other robot builders recently and never been as inspired as I was with your approach.


  6. Daniel Mewes says:

    Hi Steve, great to see your website being back online. Even greater to see it being updated and to read about your current projects on AI. 🙂

    I like the new site design a lot (thanks to your wife), although some links don’t seem to be working. For example if I navigate onto the Lucy page and choose any of the links on the left, they do not work. I can reach the pages however if I add an “Lucy\” just in front of the aspx file name. It also works if I call
    instead of
    (with a slash instead of a backslash). I think that the link on the front page should simply direct to this address (with a slash), since otherwise my Firefox 3 (on Linux) does not seem to be able to recognize the path of the web page correctly and thus neither links nor images get loaded.


    [P.S. From Steve: The Firefox problem is now solved (1/15/09). Thanks for pointing it out]

  7. stevegrand says:

    Thanks Daniel. Sorry – your comment got filtered as spam and I only just noticed it. I’ll tell Sara the problems you’ve found with the website.

  8. Phil Carson says:

    Yes, Steve, some of us are watching and reading. I had your cyberlife blog on my small set of sites scanned by Update Scanner, and then the site went down. I finally got off my ass and did a Google search and found your new blog.

    Excellent! Keep working and posting!

  9. Andew Hugill says:

    Steve – you’re still alive! Great to see this blog and it looks as though you are blooming 🙂
    Everything is good here, and very lively, as you’ll see from the projects page at http://www.ioct.dmu.ac.uk Do stay in touch.

    All the best

  10. Dave in Oregon says:

    Steve –

    Very glad to see you’re doing well and back online. I look forward to your success here in the States.


  11. Stark says:

    Just found this! (Am I late? ;))
    I really enjoyed your books! I need to read them again!

  12. Paul Doyle says:

    So that’s where you are!

    I don’t know if you remember me, I was the whinging email about getting on the ladder (a few years ago now).

    Are you still involved with the VRC? Guido and I have been chatting about robots for people with impairments but as you are aware, we are no nearer getting our mits on one of these beasties for real users in real settings than when we first bemoaned the state of the personal robotics industry.

    If you know of anyone who would like to come and play please give them my details as we have access to a group of truly remarkable test pilots.

    Glad to see you are still keeping the faith.



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