Wot I did on my wekend


First I went to see a ballet and hear mr alan bean who is a astronaut from outer space he went on the moon but wen he got there he found out 3 other people had been there first and i sat next to a nice lady called mara who teaches english licherture at NAU and studies fay weldon wot used to live near where i used to live in england and then the next day i runned a 10 kilogram race and came second in my age but it was really really hard cos it kept going uphill all the time and never went downhill again honest and my shoes got muddy but it wasnt my fault neither and then i went to the park but did not play on the swings just some science things and talked to some boys about their robots and then i went to bed and got up again and went and sat under a tree in the park in the sunshine and then went to look at jupiter which is a long way away so you need a tellyscope but that’s ok cos they got one of those up at the lowell observatory so after i talked to some nice ladies from maryland for ages they let me look in it but i didn’t see mr alan bean through it



About stevegrand
I'm an independent AI and artificial life researcher, interested in oodles and oodles of things but especially the brain. And chocolate. I like chocolate too.

5 Responses to Wot I did on my wekend

  1. spleeness says:

    wot an awesomnest wknd u had. An peeps from maryland?? Mah state? Tells ’em hello, even if its too late!

  2. Lynne Grand says:

    You know when we were young and I hit you over the head with a crow bar ( NOT “totally” on purpose I might add !) – well anyway it taught you not to pinch my last rolo EVER !!!
    …… well , I think the effect of that “mishap” has finally kicked in , ALL these years later ! You need to sit in a darkened room , take an asprin and wait until you are “fleewin all nyce and kyosie and a bwig boy again 🙂 xxx

  3. Chris says:

    ow now my brain hurts, glad you had a nice time … well i think thats what you said 🙂

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